9 reasons why Apple products are expensive but sell very well

Have you ever wondered why Apple products always cost so much more than competing products? Here are some reasons.

Apple products often cost much more than competing products. And despite the high price, it is undeniable that products bearing the Apple logo are always sought after by many people. Not just brand value, there are many factors that make users willing to spend a lot of money to buy Apple devices.

1. Apple ecosystem
In technology, an ecosystem is a collection of individual devices that complement each other to form a larger, more useful unit. Take the iPhone and MacBook, for example. While both are individual devices, when used together they enhance each other’s ease of use and enhance the overall user experience.

Apple’s ecosystem is different from other companies because Apple devices generally just connect to your other devices and work very well together.

2. High quality and longer service life.

Apple products often last longer than competitive devices thanks to high-quality hardware and software.

Hardware is carefully designed, manufactured and assembled from the highest quality materials. In addition, the software (operating system and other native applications) is optimized to get the most out of that hardware.

As a result, the end product is not only beautiful in appearance, but also durable and high-performing. Together, Apple hardware and software provide users with a consistent, high-quality user experience that makes them willing to pay more for it.

3. Innovation

Apple’s technological innovation is another reason its products cost more. The introduction of the M1 chip not too long ago is a good example.

In fact, Apple has been doing this for a long time; The introduction of the iPod is also a good example. All this has made Apple one of the pioneering innovative technology companies in Silicon Valley.

To maintain its leading position in the technology industry, Apple has had to invest heavily in research and development of new technologies. According to Statista, its R&D budget recently reached $20 billion.

4. Privacy

One of the reasons Apple products are so popular is because they don’t sell user data for profit like many other companies in the industry. The company’s devices also don’t come pre-installed with user tracking software.

Instead of selling user data, Apple charges users more to ensure their own privacy. With the growing awareness of advertisers tracking users, Apple benefits from the fact that privacy is priceless.

5. Free operating system, applications and updates

Apple’s operating system is updated once a year and dozens of smaller updates throughout the year. Compare this to Windows releases, new updates come every few years and Microsoft often asks users to pay. Although Microsoft upgraded previous versions of Windows to Windows 11 for free, you still have to pay to use some apps or premium versions of apps, such as Office Suite.

6. Marketing expenses and customer service
In addition to the above, a company also has to spend a large amount of money to advertise products and retain customers. The same goes for Apple: In addition to production costs, the company also spends heavily on marketing and customer support.

7. Brand

By introducing products as diverse as watches, phones, computers, headphones and even virus masks, Apple has become an extremely diverse and equally luxurious brand. . Users will feel the premium and value of each Apple product. That is also the reason why they are willing to pay higher prices to get Apple products.

8. Resale value

Let’s make a comparison: both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X were released in 2018 and cost $700 and $1,000 respectively. Today, a used Galaxy S9 costs between $50 and $150 (retaining 14% of its value), while a used iPhone X still costs between $150 and $400. (save $27). % worth).

9. Customer loyalty

Regardless of the reasons you give, one thing that should never make Apple reconsider its price is its loyal user base that is always willing to pay a premium. Apple’s prices and revenues have increased dramatically in recent years, but so have product sales and popularity.

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