A Derm told me this $5 shower gel is the only product to use in summer

As soon as the season turns, so does the needs of the skin. While winter can make us feel dry and cracked from forehead to toe, the summer months are a mess (literally) of dirt and oil, dirt and sunscreen… and those are just days when you’re not at the beach. Add salt, sand, and sun elements, and you’ll need to give the skin on your body a more serious love.

Fortunately, you can do it with a shower gel that costs only $5. When I asked the dermatologist in Virginia, Dr. Lily Talakoub, what people should use when bathing to deal with skin problems this summer, she didn’t skip a beat before recommending Dove Body Wash, Dry Oil Moisture ($5). “It combines very gently to remove oil, sweat, sunscreen, etc., but will leave a layer of moisture on your skin,” she said.

It is made of argan oil, which locks all the sweet hydration, but will not leave a feeling of oily hissing or roughness on your skin. And unless you’re dealing with acne on the body, Dr. Talakoub noted that you don’t even need to use a body exfoliating agent separate from it — it will get the job done on its own.

In addition to using the right shower gel, you can do a number of other things to keep your skin youthful. Besides applying sunscreen daily and reapplying every two hours if you’re out in direct sunlight (because, duh), remember to maintain a shower time of fewer than 15 minutes so you don’t dry your skin, and then apply some lotions, like Love Beauty and Planet Shea Butter & Sandalwood Body Lotion ($8) twice a day. And while you may be a one-off bather during the cooler months of the year, consider jumping underwater a second time when it’s hot to make sure there’s no more sweat or nasal water on your skin. during the day. Now, you’re perfectly ready to show off that moist skin from now until the end of International Labor Day.

Want to make your bathing routine look like a spa treatment? Add one of these pharmacy body care products to the mixture. Plus, our favorite shaving tool to keep your feet smooth throughout the summer.

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