China opens large-scale COVID-19 testing campaign in Beijing

In the new wave of COVID-19 prevention and control, the capital Beijing suspended many bus and subway lines and launched a large-scale COVID-19 testing campaign.

On May 7, the Chinese capital Beijing conducted a new large-scale COVID-19 test and closed additional bus and subway lines as the country entered a new phase. . disease prevention with rapid response measures and early intervention to prevent the highly contagious and elusive variant of Omicron.

The latest report from China’s National Health Commission said the country recorded 345 cases of community infection on May 6, of which Shanghai only had 253 cases.

Besides Shanghai, there are 9 Chinese provinces and cities with reported community transmission, of which 45 are in Beijing and 29 are in Henan.

As for the number of asymptomatic cases, as of May 6, Shanghai had 3,961 cases out of a total of 4,275 cases in mainland China.

On May 7, the Shanghai government announced that the university entrance exam would be postponed for another month. The most recent college entrance exam was held in 2020, the time when the COVID-19 epidemic began to break out.

[China’s Capital Beijing Continues to Tighten Control of the COVID-19 Epidemic]

Speaking to the media on May 6 in Beijing, Liang Wannian, head of the China National Health Commission’s COVID-19 expert team, said that in this new anti-epidemic period, starting from March, the government has taken decisive and rigorous measures to prevent community transmission, including managing sources of infection, reducing chains of transmission and protecting vulnerable populations. pain.

Additionally, more hospitals will be added, more facilities will be converted to healthcare, and isolation wards will be set up to be ready to treat COVID-19 patients.

He also highlighted the importance of prevention and control measures in densely populated places or facilities such as nursing homes.

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