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Cuba studies safety of vaccine against COVID-19 for babies

If successful, Cuba’s Abdala vaccine will become one of the world’s first COVID-19 vaccines that is safe for children under 1 year of age.

Cuban health officials say Cuban scientists are studying the safety and efficacy of the Abdala vaccine against COVID-19 in children ages 6 to 11 months.

Speaking to the press, Verena Muzio, director of clinical research at the Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), said that the organization is designing the study to assess compatibility. Abdala vaccine in children 6 to 11 months of age.

If successful, Abdala’s vaccine will become one of the first COVID-19 vaccines in the world to be safe for children under 1 year of age.

The CIGB is also conducting a clinical study in pregnant women who have received the Abdala vaccine to evaluate the results of safety, development and immune response in these women and their babies. . surname. produce as well as the ability to passively absorb antibodies from the mother’s body.

The Abdala vaccine, researched and developed by the CIGB, is approved by the Cuban regulatory authorities for emergency use in children from 2 years of age since October 2020.

The CIGB also recently submitted its Abdala vaccine profile to the World Health Organization (WHO) to begin the international accreditation process. To date, more than 8 million Cubans have received the Abdala vaccine.

Cuba is considered the “bright spot” of the COVID-19 vaccine in Latin America in the context that the region remains the epicenter of the global pandemic. It is the only country in Latin America that produces its own vaccine against COVID-19.

[Cuba submits to the WHO for the approval of the Abdala vaccine against COVID-19]

Since the pandemic broke out in this Caribbean island nation in March 2020, Cuba has so far developed 5 vaccines, including Soberana 01, Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus from the Finlay Vaccine Institute; Abdala and Mambisa of the CIGB.

So far, this Caribbean island nation has completed 3 rounds of vaccination against COVID-19 for almost 90% of the population aged 2 years and over with the national vaccines Abdala, Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus, while simultaneously deploying injections. 4th with more than 6.5 million foreigners. out of a total of more than 11.18 million people.

Cuban health officials confirm that the vaccines developed and researched by the country, such as Abdala, Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus, provide more than 90% protection against COVID-19 in people who have received all three doses. route.

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