I’m a dermatologists and Finding a Pharmacy in France is my favorite method of overcoming dry hands.

There are two types of people that I wholeheartedly trust to advise skin care: dermatologists and French women. So when New York-based dermatologist Shereene Idris, MD is certified on the board (known on social media as “The Pillowtalk Derm” thanks to the A+ skincare advice she provides from her bed every night) combines both when and shares about French pharmacy products for her Instagram story. You should believe that I took out a notebook.

I’m a Dermatologist, and This French Drugstore Find Is My Favorite Fix for Dry Hands
France, Paris,

Most of her picks — such as Bioderma Micellar Water ($15), which all of our editors love, and La Roche Posay Spray Sunscreen ($36) — are no surprise, as they are the most beloved products in the Paris beauty category. But there’s one item in her shopping cart that I’ve never heard of: Nuxe Reve de Miel hand cream and nails, ($20).

This cream is a staple of pharmacies in France, but (thankfully) is also available on Amazon. It is packed with all kinds of nourishing properties, good for your hands, like sunflower seed oil, which acts as a softener to moisturize beneath the surface of your skin, vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that protects the skin from the environment and honey, known for its antibacterial healing properties. Dr. Idriss likes to apply it up after a manicure to help damaged skin or sensitive epidermis, but it’s also great to help your hands be strengthened whenever they feel too dry or cracked.

Like your face, your hands deserve a skincare routine of their own (think about how you did them on a given day!). Remember to exfoliate regularly, cover with SPF sunscreen every time you leave the house, and then massage daily with this Luxe Nuxe cream. Result? You will be left with a je ne sais quoi that your skin will love you.

Another dermatologist pharmacy found that we couldn’t get enough, especially in the winter? This bath oil. And this French girl’s favorite lip balm keeps our lips fresh and hydrated throughout the year.

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