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You get it: Microneedling is legal. Skincare techniques cause tiny wounds in the epidermis to enhance collagen production and allow products to be more effective, thereby reaping many benefits including decreased pigmentation and scarring, smoother, more even skin, and fewer wrinkles. In fact, Micro-needling is so effective that it achieves overall brightness, that beauty editing professionals and cosmetics all swear that home devices are the dermatological treatment tools on the deserted island of their choice. Evidence:

Then it makes sense that you should ask the question, whether you should poke more than just your face. If micro-needling is so effective, it seems reasonable to claim that it can provide a number of benefits to your buttocks, chest, neck, thighs, and arms; however, in a world where we are busy with AF, beauty maintenance may feel never-ending. I think it makes sense to ask questions to professionals before taking another step to overwhelm the beauty regimes.

Kerry Benjamin, CEO, and founder of StackedSkincare says that of course, although you don’t “need” micro-equipment for your entire body (you also don’t need to “need” Apple’s ear foam, 20 pairs of different leggings, or Twitter, but *shrug*), doing so can be “very” beneficial. The most obvious place to expand care is your breasts, where there may be some concerns just like your face. “If you have increased pigmentation due to the harmful effects of the sun, equipping your chest area with the right serum can help to even out the skin tone and structure of the skin,” she said, adding that it can also help you get skin as a result of tilting sleep. (Um, wait– that’s the source of the wrinkles in the chest? Mind. Blow.)

Plastic surgeon Sheila Nazarian, based in Beverly Hills, told me that she also wrapped her patient’s neck and waited for it – the back of their hands to boost collagen and elastin production. Benjamin adds that collagen stimulation is also useful for less obvious skin areas. “As we get older, our skin becomes lumpy – you can especially see this in our calps and arms,” she told me. “Micro-areas of these areas will help stimulate collagen and bring moisturizing ingredients deeper to help prevent that lumpy skin.”

According to experts, this single skincare technique can also help solve the two most stubborn problems of all dermatological diseases. For example, certified dermatologist Mona Gohara said she uses micro-needling on her own cellulite to boost blood flow to the area, but sees no major effects. Meanwhile, Benjamin recommends it for stretch marks — and a Reddit user seems to have found significant benefits for the practice for this purpose. However, Lisa Goodman, PA, founder of GoodSkin, warns that the treatment may be the most effective (or, most effective) for new stretch marks (think red rather than white).

Of course, since micro-needling devices are creating micro-channels in the skin that allow components to penetrate deeper into the skin, these devices can also help your product be more efficient. For example, if you are trying to enhance hydration, use a small amount of body moisturizing serum such as N Needaire Body Serum ($45); while, if you’re trying to eliminate pigmentation, you can choose a skin lightening component like Drunk Elephant C Firma Vitamin C Serum ($80) for points that should be loved.

What are the best tips that experts say to bring with you? The larger the area and the thicker the skin, the more you have to pay attention to the size of the micro-needling device, since rolling your face may not be suitable for thicker areas of skin in the buttocks or thighs. Body-specific micro-needling devices are now available from a wide range of providers — GloPro ($329), ORA ($85), Skinmedix ($36 (and upcoming, Benjamin, Stacked Skincare, too — and they tend to be affordable). While the idea of trying to adjust the sound on my face, neck, chest, arms, hands, thighs, and buttocks in addition to being tired, seems that is also valuable. Maybe it’s time to replace Netflix and scroll with Netflix and scroll?

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