My ‘winter feet’ look better than my ‘summer feet 3

Hot Summer Girl” has come and gone. Now, cooler weather has opened up knee-high socks and comfortable boots, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip the beauty mode for your feet. I’ve found two purchases on Amazon that ensure smooth skin from heel to pink toe.

Recently, I added a pair of microwave-heated booties ($31) to my wardrobe. Obviously, socks that can be used in the microwave are not enough, so the company has added “12 natural herbs and other aromatic ingredients” to the material to give your feet a completely luxurious experience.

Piercing them in is like a hug for your feet. Like the first step into a new bath. It’s like dancing on laundry just out of the dryer. In fact, the only thing that can improve the experience of microwave users is applying a lotion before. I like Kiehl’s Honey Whipped Body Butter ($69), which smells like coconut cake, while the beauty director of Viral + Trend + Fox likes Curél’s Fragrance-Free Comforting Body Lotion ($9).

You may think this level of self-care is family-specific, but I’m here to tell you that this whole sock-lotion situation works with boots. If you ask me, hot winter legs then summer new hot girl.

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