This habit of using the phone will cause untold damage that many people are suffering

The misuse of the phone always holds many dangers that few people can expect.

With the explosion of social networks and irreplaceable utilities, people prefer to use smartphones more and more. Spending hours on the phone is familiar to many people.

However, the amount of time the phone is used during the day affects health more than we think. This has been proven through a recent study by German scientists.

According to the Daily Mail, many studies show that excessive smartphone use is linked to obesity, neck pain, impaired productivity and behavior.

Therefore, a team of experts from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany) conducted a study to determine how screen time affects users. This study was conducted by Dr. Julia Brailovskaia and her colleagues.

The team of experts invited 619 people to participate in the study and divided them into 3 groups, including: 200 people who did not use their phones for a week; 226 people reduce device use by 1 hour per day; 193 people did not change any phone habits.

Excessive use of mobile phones will cause psychological and physical problems, including problems affecting the brain, eyes, musculoskeletal system, obesity, depression…

The results showed that completely giving up smartphones and reducing the frequency of device use by 1 hour per day had a positive impact on the lifestyle and health of the participants.

The study also found that people’s life satisfaction and time spent in physical activity improved, while symptoms such as depression and anxiety also decreased.

Reducing how often you use your phone each day can help you feel less anxious and more satisfied with your life.

Researchers in Germany confirmed that it is not necessary for users to stop using their phones completely, but reducing usage time will have a positive impact on users’ health.

The excessive use of mobile phones causes psychological and physical problems, including problems that affect the brain, eyes, musculoskeletal, obesity, depression…

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