Winter skincare tips needed to glow through volcanic-like weathe

If you are faced with dry skin, oily skin, mixed skin, irritated or pigmented skin (any and every type of skin), winter is the season where there is a single mission to steal your skin. Winter skincare tips so you don’t turn into a zombie? Submissions are “essential.”

Fortunately, comprehensive awesome aesthetician Shani Hillian made the purchase at our latest Wellness Collective event with Athleta, sharing some much-needed (and highly appreciated) seasonal tips so you can proudly take a close-up selfie of your face all year round.

Hillian said one of the biggest misconceptions is that you shouldn’t exfoliating in winter – which is absolutely not true. “Many people think they have dry skin, but it’s just dead skin,” she says. The problem is what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.” In other words, be gentler with your method so you don’t annoy sensitive points —but still raise it for you to get rid of dead things.

Next, always keep the moisturizer so that you can lock the moisture all day and night. If you’re not sure which oils to look for, Hillian recommends taking low-acne oils (those that won’t clog your pores), with hemp seed oil being her favorite.

To add water to your life, try adding humid lets into your bedroom, living room, or anywhere else you spend a lot of time. Finally, if you use retinol, Hillian recommends reducing the amount you apply it to twice a week (instead of applying daily) to better suit your skin is drier and cooler weather.

By combining some of this winter’s skincare tips into your routine, winter won’t affect your dewy skin – now you’ve tricked it into not even knowing what month it is.

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