Without a doubt, this is the biggest mistake we make when exfoliating

In the old days, I likened rubbing my body under the shower to folding clothes. I take it as a real chore. Now, however, I’ve changed my tune. A dermatologist taught me how to exfoliation at home properly from head to toe without wasting a drop of precious product —and that makes the whole exfoliating work in a dubbing way easier (not to mention even more environmentally friendly).

Did you know that really unpleasant moment when you apply all the exfoliating agents to exfoliation and —gah! — Will the shower stream take the product straight down the drain before your body has time to drink? Before the time to form “foam” that the labels say is very important? Here’s how. Just turn on the water, leave the skin moist, then apply the product while turning off the shower, you will avoid wasting the product (and water) while giving it time to really exert its effect.

Just make sure you don’t skip step one (wet the skin). Joshua Zeichner, M.D., a council-certified dermatologist in New York City, explains that applying a harsher product to dry skin can do more harm than good. “When the skin is warm and hydrated, dead cells on the surface can be more easily removed and less traumatic. Especially when using hand exfoliating products or rough products, excessive exfoliation can lead to skin irritation, dehydration and inflammation,” he said.

The level of exfoliation allowed as recommended by a skin specialist is once a week, but you can do it a few times if you are using exfoliating detergents. Dr. Zeichner is a product manufacturer of Dove Exfoliating Shower Gel ($6) and Aveeno’s 60-Second In-Shower Facial ($7). And remember: Before applying, soak your body with H2O to make sure your skin is ready to be re-polished.

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